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2013  Anaikot, Kavrepalanchok, Nepal

Bal Prativa is the first building of the Standardized Mela School Project. Before the construction began, the team had consulted an earth-building expert for a design review. Based on his advice, the technology of rammed earth was changed to wattle & daub for concerns of labour intensity. The labour aspect was reviewed after completion - and technology reverted to rammed earth for future projects.

In 2018, the plaster was renewed and window and door infills replaced. The repair made the building more resilient to local strong winds and driven rain.

Objectives: The school was founded by the community in 2000 and has since established well in the area, with 200 students enrolled in 2013. The school was teaching class 1-7 but was missing class 8, which is the final year of Lower Secondary level.

Built: one Mela school building (3 indoor and 1 open-air classroom)

Site and access: Anaikot lies some 26 km east of Kathmandu (40 km and approx. 4hr driving on the road), on the hills between Paknajol/Dhulikhel and Nagarkot.  The site is directly connected to a car accessible road.    

Construction period: October 2012 - April 2013

Structure and materials:

- Strip foundations of stones laid in mud mortar

- Reinforced concrete floor-level seismic beam

- Concrete pad footings for the frontal columns

- Dry stone floors with cement/sand concrete finish                    

- Perimeter drainage trench    

- Steep slope to road braced up with earth-filled bags                    

- Stone socles             

- Bamboo structure: Acid Boric and Borax solution pressure treated local bamboo

- Bamboo connections: 7 & 9 mm rebar with plastic whipcord (later replaced by wire); 10 mm threaded rods

- Iron tube spacer embedded in pad footings over the rebars in columns    

- Wattle and daub walls with abutting bamboo strips applied to both sides of walls and rendered with 2 layers of mud mortar

- Corrugated iron roof, J-hook fixed

- Suspended ceiling - bamboo mats

- Timber framed doors, flat-steel-tied fixed, with plywood wings

- Bamboo-woven window infills in wooden frames        

- Blackboards of cement layer applied directly to the walls                

- Furniture: prefabricated wooden desks and benches

Origin of materials:

Nearby towns: Cement, rebars, whipcord, CGI

Kathmandu: Tools, threaded rods, treating machine, boron compounds

Local villages: everything else


Expenditure:     31,120 USD total(22,330 USD direct cost, 8,790 USD overheads)

Funding: Embassy of the Czech Republic in New Delhi, Namaste Nepal income and collections, Nadace Vodafone Czech Republic, Private donors    


Photos by: Petr Kostner, Sona Huberova, David Rolc, Marketa Gunkova


Mela School project by Meem Architecture is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License







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