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Keshav is a principal of the Dwar Paleshwor school in Nayagaun, Nepal. After the earthquake, he built his new house with RCC, burnt bricks and cement plaster.

„This new house is very cold compared to my old traditional one which was made of stone and mud mortar. In a few years, I‘m planning to build a new house for my son and I want to use rammed earth technology. The walls are warmer and beautiful. It doesn‘t need any plastering or coloring. The house remains cool in the hot season and warm in the winter.“                                                                

Keshav Prasad Sapkota

His school is being rebuilt with rammed earth technology with a great help of Arun Rimal, a Nepali-American engineer. We are happy to see that the community is recognizing the advantages of using these local materials and implementing them in their own projects. The school construction can serve as a good example of a sustainable building with a low-carbon footprint which inspires locals.


2018-19  Nayagaun, Kavrepalanchok, Nepal

Bindabasini school was damaged during the earthquakes in 2015 when most of the stone spilt out of the walls. The school community saved the teaching spaces by temporarily covering the walls with corrugated iron.

In 2019-2020, two of these temporary structures were demolished and replaced with rammed earth buildings. Stone from demolitions was reused and steel trusses altered and reinstalled in the new buildings.

Funding: Namaste Nepal, Rotary Club

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