meem architecture

03/01/2011 10:27

Meem Architecture is an architectural studio focused on projects for underserved populations, predominantly collaborating with NGOs on their development programs. In their fight against poverty and efforts to improve life conditions, NGOs often interfere, more or less consciously, with vernacular customs and attitudes. When intervening in territories that are not our native environments, Meem Architecture studio wishes to become fully aware of impact its activity will bring. We aspire to understand the basics of vernacular memes such as building technologies and typologies. The studying goes further beyond construction and building phenomena of the society in attempt to get a clue about major socio-cultural aspects. After that we try to identify the new approaches we would introduce to consider thoroughly their pros & cons, competitiveness with the old manners and reasons to compete in the first place, their suitability and sustainability. Our activities seek to join the international community of socially and environmentally committed developers and designers.